Refuse to be outside for any given period of time all damn day when it's warm but refuse to come inside at 11pm when it's freezing fuck I just wanna go to bed you jerkass dogs

'm already aunting harder than other aunt by way of living in the same state, 45 minutes away


I'm going to cry for at least a week because my friends are too nice to me

bad day 

bad day 

working on a side portfolio project related to school. I think they're coming along well.

Bees are genetically disposed to recognize royalty.

The dogs finally settled down but now I want to get up and make myself some dinner which will just rile them up again.

I will never be able to work with them behaving themselves, will I.

depression yet again 

physical harm 


It's bi day and I'm gonna take it since bi and pan are interchangeable to a lot of people

Want to play the goose game but I have no system that can run it

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