I'm so fucking tired I absolutely do not want to go to class I just know I won't be able to get any grading done

NP told me to get out of that hellhole and wait in the car while he bought the rest of the stuff in the cart, I feel so guilty that I left him behind but I was on the verge of panicking and am glad he gave me an out

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Walmart fucking creeped me out from the lack of personal space and poor layout even before the pandemic and it hasn't gotten any better, all they did was close one of the entrances and put a dude out front telling people they had to wear masks and some of those fucks took them off after they got inside, gonna suck it up and send my scrips to a more expensive pharmacy just so I never have to set foot in there ever again

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Took my last pill this morning and realized I had no more bottles in the medicine cabinet, called in the refill, had to pick it up at walmart cause that's the cheapest place to get it, and got stared at for a full too minutes by a buzz cut cop while being the only person waiting in line at the pharmacy sooooo feeing really skeeved out right now


Oh man I am glad that meeting got pushed back because I have to SHIT

No, you're right, it should be laughing while eating low-fat cup yogurt

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would it be professional of me to change my student facing slack icon to a photo of me laughing while eating a salad

don't make my job hard for me in These Uncertain Times™ just read the project brief to know what you need instead of skimming it or not reading it at all and bothering me to explain it to you when I'm supposed to be depression-sleeping

man don't make me fail you, I don't want to wrack my brain tryna figure out how to give you actionable feedback so you don't suck on the next project, I'm tired

thinking about the sweet embrace of sleeping under a weighted blanket sans cat hair

overwhelmed and dying to hide from it all by sleeping but there's just so much I have to get done

I'd appreciate it if you could stop getting paralyzed every time something new gets thrown your way, self. it really doesn't help at all. quit being a little bitch

some days it's really fucking hard to concentrate on a single goddamn thing I'm supposed to do

oh you know, just sitting here with a heating pad stuffed down the front of my shorts. you?

Vaporwave is muzak for millennials and I am absolutely fine with that

One nice new habit is that I take a lot of baths now just to use all the cool soaps and bath bombs my pal makes

Fellas, is it gay to miss holding my girlfriend during quarantine

Down day 

Girlfriend spent all yesterday baking several different kinds of bread then stole away in the early hours of the morning to leave a care package on my doorstep. This is so bittersweet I miss her so much

I wonder how many calories are in each serving of the rich...

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