I swear to god if I get taken to bamboo island again

I am haunted by the sound of the whooshing balloon

horseclap.gif is probably the best file name on my computer

I want the sassy emo glasses cat and the commissions lizard everyone's talking about in animal crossing

I'm in love with the thirst traps my brother in law posts on twitter


good on ya, boi, get after it

Sometimes I miss having a mindless job that I could just do.

this dog is both ecstatic that I'm home all the time and pissed that I'm not utilizing that time to play with her

Dating, tragedy 

Funny story... 

Fully remoooooooooooooote for like a month, guess I never need to drive again

Field Notes is actively antagonizing me now with each quarterly release

I had to explain what Super Tuesday is to a 26 year old man, how was your day

Dating, lewd, potential tmi 

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Dating, lewd, potential tmi 

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