bitching about work 

I know teaching at a fast-paced bootcamp isn't exactly the same as other kinds of teaching, but I feel alternately bad and entirely justified in being pissed at my students that don't put in the work required to at least make it through the program

like what are you even doing here if you're not going to even do the bare minimum
and if life shit is happening why are you failing completely to communicate that, I can work with you to work around shit if you just tell me

thinking about the venison stew meat I'm thawing and trying to calculate how much energy I'm likely to have at the end of the day to determine if I'll actually be able to make the stew like I want to

if you tack a :8b_y: or an :8b_i: :8b_e: into the end of my name when talking to me you're a cop

Gaze too long into the abyss and the abyss will gaze *pistol fingers* right back atcha

Smol cat ripped my arm to shreds as thanks for lifting her to the safety of the stairs away from the dogs in the office

none of my bandages are big enough

and I'm slightly allergic to the glue used on the little ones I do have

so this is double extra itchy and stingy right now :ablobcatcry:


I was always confused by the term "short & curlies" cuz mine look like I hit 'em with a flat iron

NGL couldn't get past the whole "mom harassing her about getting married" schtick in Aggretsuko season 2 so I just gave up on the whole thing

looks like I'm about ready to dip mood-wise because all I can think about is how shit I am at my chosen profession

my guts turn to dust every time I read a job description that might be manageable were it written by someone in the actual department instead of a marketing/HR person

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Looking at smartwatches like they're forbidden pornography is a turn I did not think this night would take

Expectations by Hayley Kiyoko continues to be a great fucking album, so say I

and if you trawled my social media you'd know I haven't consistently drawn anything new in years because

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oh yuck. I just got a cold-call email from teepublic all like "oh hey i just came across your ART it is very good ART how long have you been designing we're interested in having your ART on teepublic"

bitch the only place you'd find my work is my portfolio and if you trawled it you better have more specifics than GOOD ART YES ART IS GOOD

the grading program is down so I'm takin' the opportunity to finish up some work on this case study I never finished

If someone calls you out on bad behavior and tells you exactly how to fix it, don't fucking reply trying to justify your bad behavior, what the fuck is wrong with you assholes

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