I don't know what was broken, how I broke it, or what fixed it, but I ain't complaining

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I have officially solved all my crashes and strange broken things in KDE through sheer tenacity, confidence, and stupidity.

the exact same recipe that caused the problems in the first place

it would be cool if someone made css to make the restream chat embed scroll across the screen niconico style

what even is otacore and how did it get here?
according to last.fm, all I listened to this year was metal and myself...
...am I the otacore?

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spotify wrapped, more like spotify crapped, what is this

not even 10% of the way there, but I guess that's to be expected when deciding to move to a new computer and learn a new OS in the same month

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nanowrimo status: absolute miserable failure (acceptable)

got FL working on linux by simply double clicking the install EXE after spending two hours trying to figure out why it wasn't working through lutris

people out there who don't know what a file is and think everything should be simpler, meanwhile here I am not understanding how to click buttons

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you ever spent half an hour researching how to do something on a computer and then realized there was a simple button that does the thing right there the whole time?

so anyway I can access my nas now

*ace combat mission complete noise*


new computer just DEFAULTED to a stable audio latency of less than 1ms, meanwhile windows could never handle less than 10ms for me. linux asserting dominance

after 87 years, my new computer has Ran a Game. STILL haven't figured out audio but it'll happen eventually

@aoife too busy cleaning up the 598 downed aircraft from the operation

friends are trying to pressure me into buying the new forza

little do they know I am stubborn AND broke

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dough sauce cheese toppings

put it on the pizza