spotify wrapped, more like spotify crapped, what is this

got FL working on linux by simply double clicking the install EXE after spending two hours trying to figure out why it wasn't working through lutris

as you know, the first step of building a computer is to drill a big hole in it

I've done it. I've created the unwinnable bingo card

google has Seen me and I am now an Official Artist.

cool thanks

I fear not the reaper, it is the reaper who fears me. to fight effectively, one must know their enemy as one knows themself, so disarming it must be to encounter a formidable enemy who knows neither. nemesis, thy name is sleep

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deleted over 400 songs, found a band that's really good actually, made this on a whim.

think I'm finally starting to learn what I like

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almost six years ago I made an EP and hid a secret in it. not only was nobody interested in even trying to find it, I don't remember what the hidden thing even was. all I remember is that the first clue is the QR code on the cover, which is a 3DS mii code.

interesting memory

I got my cat this toy that she can play with and scratch on a month ago but instead all she does is sit on it and stare at me

I try to never tease my upcoming work because it so often takes 300x longer than it should, but in this case, the music is actually done and just waiting to go up, so...

check out this rad crown

so I was having problems with halo mcc on pc when I got it over three months ago, and submitted a support ticket. got no response for a while... a long while. as in, from then until now, even with sending them periodic updates and reminders... but they finally got back to me... just to apologize for the delay and "assure me that the team is aware of the issue."

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dough sauce cheese toppings

put it on the pizza