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got some new music out. I like it a lot, and it's free to download

stems are available for everyone if remixes are your thing, links to those are on the bandcamp page.

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so I have an album from a little while ago. it's free to download and I think it's pretty neat.

I also decided to make stems for every track available to everyone, so anyone can remix any of them if they want.

if you make music, go wild, do something cool, I want to hear it

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feelin like I need a vacation from being alive for a few days, hang out in the earth for a while and regenerate

did you know it's possible to cause an M.2 drive to no longer be detected and even prevent a system from posting by screwing on the built in factory engineered Well Made™ motherboard heatsink too tightly, which is a thing that's possible to do?

I do now

today I have learned that streaming, even to nobody, genuinely does make you worse at the game

it is so hot that screwing together a pair of headphones has me melting

why did I decide that a heatwave during beginning of summer was the right time to pick up streaming again

gettin' reeeal sick of the english language and its "both are correct" policy

I haven't worked on any music since january and I'm getting upset about that. might be about to change though, since this masterpiece of an album by vola came out and is giving me the big inspirations

today I got a topre keyboard and typing is now enjoyable

I've done it. I've created the unwinnable bingo card

this morning I spent a little over an hour just trying to get my computer to boot. very cool

the more time I spend not playing them the more I realize I hate JRPGs

don't you just love it when after a straight day of banging your head against the wall trying to troubleshoot something, the solution turns out to be one simple thing from a random forum post that isn't mentioned in any documentation? I don't

google has Seen me and I am now an Official Artist.

cool thanks

metal gear solid 6: snake goes to brazil

I fear not the reaper, it is the reaper who fears me. to fight effectively, one must know their enemy as one knows themself, so disarming it must be to encounter a formidable enemy who knows neither. nemesis, thy name is sleep

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