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got some new music out. I like it a lot, and it's free to download

stems are available for everyone if remixes are your thing, links to those are on the bandcamp page.

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so I have an album from a little while ago. it's free to download and I think it's pretty neat.

I also decided to make stems for every track available to everyone, so anyone can remix any of them if they want.

if you make music, go wild, do something cool, I want to hear it

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this morning I spent a little over an hour just trying to get my computer to boot. very cool

the more time I spend not playing them the more I realize I hate JRPGs

don't you just love it when after a straight day of banging your head against the wall trying to troubleshoot something, the solution turns out to be one simple thing from a random forum post that isn't mentioned in any documentation? I don't

google has Seen me and I am now an Official Artist.

cool thanks

metal gear solid 6: snake goes to brazil

I fear not the reaper, it is the reaper who fears me. to fight effectively, one must know their enemy as one knows themself, so disarming it must be to encounter a formidable enemy who knows neither. nemesis, thy name is sleep

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34 hours up. I am no longer tired. sleepiness is a dream in itself. my body feels light, my eyelids no longer weighed down, the last sign of my wakefulness is the sting of my eyes as they water uncontrollably. I know not the sweet kiss of rest, for she has turned her back on me

might have played for 22 hours straight on accident

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was jonesin' to play some rimworld so I spent two hours putting together a modpack and troubleshooting it... six hours ago. I still haven't played it

try to sleep for six hours, not tired
time to get up, am now tired


wish sites would list singles/doubles and EPs separately, it's such a pain sometimes to sort the singles out of big discographies

we're at the point where conspiracy theories are more realistic than graphics card availability

time to put far too much effort into another thing nobody will ever see to occupy my funny little neurons for another day

you ever tried to hold one eye closed and look up? wish I could do that

for the first time this year I'm caught up on real life obligations. this has only made me more tired. can't even get reward pizza today, what a horrible time

today's sleep deprivation is extra strength

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