every once in a while when I'm not really doing anything, I catch myself thinking about this video and start smiling

today I would like to direct your attention to the best music video ever made youtube.com/watch?v=eUO9SNCBL6

why can't I like video games this much, I've always gotta be writing essays about my complaints with them instead of just getting carried away by them

I've got a similar thing with orden ogan where I love the entire discography EXCEPT for we are pirates, and can't give good reasons for why that is

decided to listen to the entire kamelot discography for some reason and I can't pick a favorite album. karma through haven are all my equal favorites in no particular order, each for different reasons.

weird how I can like things so much I lose the ability to think critically

status upgraded, slowly escaping the foggy depths of brain funk.

now I only procrastinate ALMOST indefinitely

sombrero raiden, laugh-coughing a lung all the way out 

today, instead of being productive, I sat down and played through metal gear rising revengeance in one sitting with some pals.

I'm okay with this

tell you what though, that instrumental track, combustion? hoo boy, that one's the good stuff

new delain album left me disappointed... but I don't know why. I like delain, and this sounds like delain, it's just... not enough?

thought some music would break me out of the brain funk, but instead it's only become even more frustrating

today is an angry day. why? I don't know, and that makes me angry

today I was having a pizza-related discussion with someone and they abbreviated it as " 'za " and quite frankly I don't know if I can ever look at them the same way again

the worst thing about economic struggles is that I don't have the freedom to eat pizza as often as I shouldn't

currently trapped in a state of endless procrastination, fully aware of it and yet unable to solve it.

I am

I was going to draw a floette too but this took way too long and my hand is on fire now

still in the earliest days of learning how to draw but have a ribombee

there is no better feeling than when you see a piece of art and it just captivates you and instantly makes you forget all the Bad Things

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