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got some new music out. I like it a lot, and it's free to download

stems are available for everyone if remixes are your thing, links to those are on the bandcamp page.

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so I have an album from a little while ago. it's free to download and I think it's pretty neat.

I also decided to make stems for every track available to everyone, so anyone can remix any of them if they want.

if you make music, go wild, do something cool, I want to hear it

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always fun when listening to some music trying really hard to figure out what's wrong with your system audio only to realize that actually that's just what the music sounds like

currently on an ascended level of entertainment where closely examining the merits of different comma placements is the high point of the day

rudely awakened by the destruction of my left knee

I said I'd make ambient music and use artbreeder images as the cover art, and I did it

deleted over 400 songs, found a band that's really good actually, made this on a whim.

think I'm finally starting to learn what I like

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listening to some of the other bands in my massive playlist and realizing that there are actually a lot of mediocre bands still in here. like, on the level of borealis, the silver toyota camry of power metal.

we deleting albums today

I think there was stuff hidden in the track covers too, but only the ones from bandcamp. what or how, I don't know

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almost six years ago I made an EP and hid a secret in it. not only was nobody interested in even trying to find it, I don't remember what the hidden thing even was. all I remember is that the first clue is the QR code on the cover, which is a 3DS mii code.

interesting memory

upgraded from a 16:9 1080p monitor to a 21:9 1440p monitor. discovered that my previous OBS settings now result in three minute recordings being 7.3 GB.

we got that Q U A L I T Y

know what's cool? signing up for routenote to release One Thing, waiting over a month for support to respond, and then getting banned from the site for making a mistake in the release process.

very cool

this is the third time a spotify update has made it borderline unusable for me. I'd switch to deezer again but too many things are missing from their catalog. would just download locally if I didn't have many thousands of things in my playlists.

I hate music

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"we need to update spotify with hot new features"
"hmm... let's make each song take up twice as much space in the playlist view by showing the album art for each one"
"good, go on"
"also disable the ability to scroll while moving tracks around"
"perfect, they'll love it"

this song right here.

this song is awe inspiring. please listen to it, and close your eyes, you won't need them

I now officially know what three (3) buttons do in blender

I made a song a day for three days before this happened, needless to say the momentum is destroyed, as are my legs and back. some life stuff just blindsided me too. I am thoroughly out of energy.

but I have pizza. it shall sustain me

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been without a computer for almost a week now because I decided to reorganize my room and build new furniture, then discovered the computer was way too full of gunk to keep running so I had to order an air cooler for it and install that.

now I'm back and I just want to sleep

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