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i got it working

i also got aws device shadow callbacks working on a very constrained device and it was fucking hard the end

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lmfao it happened and teh write breakpoint wasnt hit yeehaw i have no fucking clue what to do now

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welp now that i have memory write breakpoints the bug wont happen :blob_derpy:

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please repaint, im begging you

something is blasting half my system drivers LOL

the new mastodon user login for more than a month challenge for november is well underway folks

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just unfucked my pihole with a fresh image and updating router, forgot how drasticly faster some sites get

huh tootctl media remove got a progress bar instead of the sea of dots

i should warn this is because if an upfront 3yr reserved instance

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got my aws bill for this down to like $5 a month and that includes some other sites using cloudfront and iot yeehaw

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