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my system76 laptop i bought new in 2017 is already starting to fail. almost like its an overpriced whitelabel of cheap parts wow whoa

you ever write a work email and forget to send it

"Amusingly, the UART has the following errata: "The UART automatic baud rate feature is intended to set the baud rate during run-time based on external data input. However, this feature does not function." Great work, Microchip. Great work."


i wonder what snow blower sales look like in the front range right now

glad im not the only one suffering with PIC32MZ's ADC. christ its an abomination and Aiden Mocke has a good writeup as per usual

there are some people who spend 2.5 months grinding mats and paragon, and push only right before it ends to get final board

i say this while pushing for 1 in d3 season cheesing early

i want the new season of siege to start so i can hate grind to plat and uninstall it

uw cancelled classes for the week so needless to say i dont think i will be making that drive

is balding a prereq to be a hometown cop

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