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clicking on an imagine in a wikipedia article causes it to scroll to the top and its pissing me off

was like 500 deep i may never know at this point

my favorite thing about maston on mobile browser is that if you open an image modal and click above/below in the gap on accident it still interacts with the page but doesnt close modal, pretty sure i just blocked or boosted something

i need to invoice and crap but my bed

it actually boots if it let it go, not even kidding, a full 10 minutes

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one benefit to playing quake for 20 years is setting a microwave for a time and coming back when its at 1 second every time

oversexualized jokes while gaming going into NNN

damn waking up at decent hours suck because i get oldman freight train tired at like 11

sorry babe, i only play fortnite

*flicks hair

Drinking lots of pineapple juice has made my guts hurt in new and interesting ways

Taking contacts out may be one of the best feelings

Video game boring anyone want to date

i will be ladling chili into trick or treaters bags tomorrow

gunna just uh ignore this its not even required

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dog dog's choices: mastodon

Pizza lovers large thin crust general server for everyone!