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my cheapo usb-ethernet thinger is no longer working

shoutout to people rescheduling meetings a few minors prior to starting

things i just uninstalled for no reason:

a bunch of games ill redownload probably

i gotta test something by driving around with legit gps but it snowed several feet and people here suck at driving in the snow for some reason

i have GALLONS of delicious homemade chili and ingrediants to tweak a second batch soon ..

the joys of being single is that im going to eat nothing but this for probably a week straight and smell nuclear

im not allowed to swear on the computer

all my clocks are doomed to 00:00 for entire winter i think

i laid sideways a while but still woke up awful hour for irl shit, also my slow cooker was off so i guess the power went out again

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food consumer's choices:

pizza lover pen

general server for everyone! But if u love pizza u are super welcome