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ok microchip doesnt hate me as much for talking shit on mplab x so i will likely be going back to phoenix this winter

OK really the last boss of ghost recon breakpoint bugged out and the game completed without killin em and now the missions are all messed up big ty

syncshot drones are cool but tahts about it as far as ghost recon breakpoint goes

only ubisoft is dumb enough to think pressing a button to watch a 10 second animation you cant skip is fun or interesting

breakpoint is so fucking broken its comical

imagine an ios fediverse client that doesn't crash

despite staying up to 2:30am I woke up before my alarm at 9am, I've never done this in my life

my power went out last night and my work computer had 10s of Untitled* notepads open and i totally lost track of what i was doing

announcing rockstar energy drinks with collagen

god damn these cryptids fuckers make me laugh so hard

*writes dumb shit*

ah yes that will do, send toot mobile computing device dictation assistant. want to look smart sending this 200 characters about sharting in public

this one very lively unlike the past ones that looked like they had just crossed a desert with no water. ffs

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