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getting paid to basically write a baremetal NIC driver for a mips processor yeehaw question mark

i crawled and spilled but i need coffee

day 3 of not being able to walk: i just poured a cup of coffee before realizing i have no safe way of transporting it out of the kitchen

interesting talk about programming via voice (and perl at that!) after fighting rsi

if u were immobilized with a stupid injury what would you catch up on

getting quite a workout hopping around everywhere since i cant put any weight on my foot

this is the worst pain ive ever experienced omfg took me 10 minutes of crawling to get ice from the fridge

i would not wish foot pain upon my enemies this sucks

broke my glasses so im a contacts user now sorry

snapchat stories tab makes me wish the world didnt exist

i wish money was a bigger motivation to me than being engaged in life, at times

usually when looking at shitty shit

when i look around at my piles of osdev books i press F for terry

ngl he inspired, well the good bits of wisdom he dropped

im baking a loaf of bread i let rise since 3am right now and it smells rly good

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food consumer's choices:

pizza lover pen

general server for everyone! But if u love pizza u are super welcome