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I was one of the first people to make a QSO with FT4, thats kind of neat. It's SOOO much faster than FT8 I bet it gets even more popular

i have spent 8 hours straight today trying to figure out why some uart data being received is corrupted to fuck and back and i've made zero progress

500 lines later i use a typedef for the first time because heck function pointers r painful

after a long day of writing, refactoring, writing, refactoring i have a bundle of nice clean code, feeling v proud

using free and malloc on a microcontroller should be immediate time to scrutinize if you can statically allocate and abuse bss

throwing out a bunch of garbage code i wrote and making it less derpy

i look straight up scary w/o glasses on

learning how ethernet drivers all the way down to the PHY<-->MIIM/RMII level has been interesting but i would be perfectly ok never doing this again

i have no shame in eating 50 pizza rolls in one sitting

it still cracks me up that they make em look like race car bucket seats which are the opposite of comfortable but of course big dumb video game enthusiasts such as myself eat that shit up

ugh this bullshit overpriced gaymer chair is actually extremely comfortable

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