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Needless to say I'm dragging asshole at work tho

Went out got beers and wings. 4 tall beers and wings and stayed under 20 carbs. Still deep in keto, was awesome

After two weeks of getting 8+ hours of sleep every night (first in my life) i did this and im dying

pls stop boosting me so my server costs stay low aha !!

Woo my client crashed while boosting. Goin hard in the paint here

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Mindlessly went to grocery store to get body wash. $50 of groceries later i forgot the goddamn soap

Just took a relaxing shower. Driving around in the snow listening to chill music avoiding thinking about my multiple jobs

Wups segger jlink got delivered a day early and sat infront of my door in -1 f

Chatting for help w programming has been awful since irc. Combining discord with it 🤣

also holy shit just spent $1500 on a HF setup

spent the day crawling through plumbing up JPA entities and now my eyes wont focus. it almost 'tickles'.. this is me irl

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