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Pretty sure its actually just a fucking bogus pkg patch compile of git but we may never know because to heck with putting build info in it or reproducible builds

Big shout out to musl and wrong runtimes

After 8 hours of debugging with team, We found that same version of git (2.20.1) produces different diffs on alpine than all other distros using exact same command on same mirror repo. OUCH

Thinkpad is so bad to type on its frustrating. Mushy garbage

Women are openly flirting with me about my large hair

Love to get zero endorsements with 5 gold and potg as zen

Mastodon is developed by people who think rails is a good idea and pleroma by autistic weeabos, there is no winning for actually good software

buy devices that don't share buses yall

the asus tinker board is so much better than any raspberry pi its ridiculous is the fastest mastodon instance on the internet just saying

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