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5 hours of sleep is about to fuck me up any minute now despite my best efforts. i do not have a bed here yet

nm im an idiot. thats directly related to the announcement today. if you pay for the plan you get that little badge. totally worth it...........

just now catching up with the news, seeing GH allows free private repos. nice, wonder how many subs they will lose on that (im one)

heres something i do a lot that a coworker pointed out he has never seen: `git checkout -` to switch back to previous branch you were on

Hibernate is anti trans, u seen it here first

Omfg omfg my boss woke up in the middle of the night, said fuck all this and threw all of the garbage irrelevant framework stuff in the trash and hooked up to redis queue... There is hope

That or they talk extremely negatively to light fires under ones ass. Both are making me go cold either. Crazy OT is never required in software.

It's starting to look like i might get fired for not working er "crunching" this weekend with the rest of my team. Despite moving. Lol never work for startups

Ate too much and now I'm too uncomfortable to sleep. I am a child

Lmao at trying to deal with high people changing their mind in public

Too many serious toots. Friends about to drag me to spider man movie for my watch a movie at theaters per decade quota

Unfortunately, burying a problem in layers of abstractions doesn't solve it. Just makes it harder

Moving a standing desk sucks extreme ass

Anyone interested in buying a desktop for cheap? I have tons of hardware with no use

Don't think I'll be putting this bootleg sticker on my work laptop

Oh no might have fucked up my 240hz monitor while moving it

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