knockback is a bad game mechanic that belongs in zero games and if you disagree you're hopelessly myopic

lewd gross food etc 

my favorite thing about black desert online was realizing quests were jackshit xp, grinding to 50 in a few hours and then realizing the game was an insane grind and not very good and never playing it again

@popefucker i didnt get gray hair or thinning until i traded for a living (under 30 even lmao)


FINALLY got a MQTT connection outside of AWS awful demo crap mostly. with some wiggle room after fixing some stupid stuff (on -O0)

tho im sitting here in my apt and my gps just said I moved 30 meters and back argh 1GHz multipath prop

looked kinda like this lmao

holy shit the restructuring of 500 loc across 3 files worked first time wtf

its some nice tiny clean c functions now. writing c is fun when you ignore its impossible to make safe shit lmao

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pizza lover pen

general server for everyone! But if u love pizza u are super welcome