hungy but trying to preserve food thanks to the idiots out there

@quackbar so let me get this straight, cs is bad and valorant is good?

the first time i ever played siege you had to unlock optics with renown and i thought yup fuck this garbage forever

drinking a big cup of coffee after a nap because fuck a whole week of normal sleep schedule


with god as my witness im about to eat 50 pizza rolls

food, question 

measuring code quality by how many 'yeehaw' comments there are

shoutout to mastodon converting a wmv into a mp3. nevermind

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from random stuff in my downloads, here's the day of defeat retail release trailer lol. released as 1.0, the mod had been out for years at this point but it still looks ancient

i used a .tech alias for work email thinking it was kEwL and cheeky but it instantly went to $65 renewal what the fuck

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Pizza lovers large thin crust general server for everyone!