@mfc oh yea absolutely, and can bus access is useful

@mfc nope, just a tiny white box you stick in car. I think only uhh allstate has gone so far to read odb2 messages which makes way more sense

@mfc to be fair, after finding the datasheet, and looking at the back, i see why. one coin battery + cap lasting 3+ years as it is in ultralow power, wakes adn sends a minimal BLE ping and thats it

well, its programmable, of course. I mean State farm left it doing absolute minimum it looks like. I've got this b locked now and ill have to look into how to dump an 8051 (if they dont have fuse bits or such)

its this thing ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/cc2540.p

ok this is thing is ridic. I was looking for logic somewhere, it spits data out of serial. but its bascially a beacon to verify location. thats it, everything else comes from app. rip

forgot pic lol. fuck syncing all photos from phone

trying to figure out what this is, ripped out of an old state farm drivesafe puck

not drowsy but def fffeeling turned down

nevermind the data is slow as hell LOL

stuffed that SIM in an old unlocked phone i had and updated imei and it works fine, ill be damned. AT&T prepaid is pretty cheap too.. maybe ill switch

wish me luck lads, on third one and gunna take melatonin

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well, AT&T prepaid support is suppppperrr awful and I cant seem to figure out the AT modem commands to get things setup right, trying a retail sim was a mistake... so ...

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