whats up gamers its me xxgamerdad420xx here to poorly regurgitate some patch notes on our ad laden website and maybe throw in some memes because im a dumbass

gaming journalism is garbage in general, and these console sites that just parrot patch notes need to fall off the earth

very triggered by some garbage gaming journalism that said "just" 400 something megabytes regarding a system update, how big of a dipshit do you have to be to think a 400mb patch is ok

some guy i expresses no interest in and wasn't willing to drive 30 miles away for car play follows me and downvotes all my posts instantly or leaves berating comments about being a flake and has done so for months, i love it

i close my eyes and see datasheets, be careful what u wish for

u ever get one shot by a big slime daddy in battlechasers yea me either

why are mobile app updates 100s of mb, this is the dumbest shit ever

going to become a mmo player and let my business lapse

me: i need to get serious about work and hit it hard

also me: time to play video game until 8am

how many 20 second porno clips you waited 20 minute to rub to does this remind you of? if u say 0 block me

@hcs google cloud, azure credits (for 12 months!) too! lots of easy compute available if < 1gb ram is ok

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