just tested a fire alarm while propped up infront of it without thinking about it, rip

sexual harassment; lewd 

lmfao there was a switch connected to itself in my mess of em, ahaha

guess these cheap switches might actually be screwing things up...

at any rate the printer froze while displaying a low ink ad

just plugged my printer in to ethernet and my entire home network has gone down

holy shit the 'copy' button after generating a password in the lastpass modal does *NOT* copy the new password. that was fun

wearing my brand new hacktoberfest 2019 t-shirt while out and about today so everyone knows im a bona fide branded dumbass

in light of stadia unsurprisingly being awful garbage its also depressing to see people think bandwidth = latency by responding with speed tests and shit. get a clue

ESP32 toolchain is pretty nice

well i mean almost all embedded stuff is companys forking gcc and piling crap on but the python scripts are handy

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