think im gunna reinstall shadowplay. being able to save clips with no perf impact versus nvidia telemetry uuu

need to save those sick clips in all the shit im not playing

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@dmh idk about the same functionality for "save last 30 seconds" or whatever it does, but OBS can use NVENC to get the same performance.

@brad yea the main thing is retroactive saving. i cannot predict my ownage due to the emergence of gameplay due to external factors 😅

@dmh @brad
> implying there is something worth of saving on PC games
Well, at least the hype like the one around TLoU can sink into oblivion faster.

@tija @brad

> shitty single player game as example


@dmh @brad Okay, name a single non-shitty online game, that is actually popular among vtubers.

@tija @brad who gives a shit about 'tubers? what are you on about

@tija i dont know what you think I'd use shadowplay for, I make frag videos to share with my friends, not have a youtube audience. you seem mistaken on nvenc

@tija im sorry i didnt realize some random dipshit would interrogate me over intended usage of software :lamo:

@tija @dmh i'll be fine right now if that's chill with you

@tija @dmh i don't use mastodon enough to even look at my bio tbh

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