my iphone just froze while shutting down. stuck on a backlit black screen and nothing else works

apple makes fucking overpriced garbage

i run like 10% brightness too so i cant wait to see how many days it takes the battery to run out while im stuck with a derped out phone. good shit that only gets more-gooder undoubtedly

@dmh Is there anything like USB OTG for the iPhone? IIRC there's some sort of camera cable for getting pics on or off an SD card or something. You could use something like that + put a big ass light in the USB port to drain power fast.

while we're complaining: my mbp touchid reader doesn't work for login like 80% of the time, and the graphics only sometimes reconfigures multi-monitor setups correctly upon docking

@mfc im all for complaining. its insane how bad apple software got. multi monitor used to be the prime bragging point of 'it just works' i would hear for years and now its dogshit lmao

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