hello darkness my old friend, ugh well the simple stuff like read id was working so i implemented the rest and now nothing works

i lied. this is wack tho, if i unplug ground on the flash chip it works .. its not upside down. what the fuck

switched to a fresh flash chip, worked fine briefly, now also stuck doing the same thing. what a waste of time

as soon as i say that i figure it out, its dying breadboard springs

hooking up logic analyzer causes it to always return zeros but that was working fine before so uhh fuck this project i guess

this spi flash is back to only responding while ground is not plugged in at all holy FUCK fuck this


attempt 500 with shit i know works... and a light

well got it working on proper programming setup no problem, i eventually need to get going on a mcu with two USART and a SPI though

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