ah mastodon did the 'ill peg cpu until the instance dies' thing again. getting really tired of this shit

just shaved off my winter beard and stache aka how many bloody nicks can i tolerate from my out of practice safety razor

gunna take a fuckerload of melatonin cuz i got shit to do tomorrow morning

this will probably result in wack posts later

lewd as fuck 

dealing with gamers day in day out is probably some sort of self harm

d3 is the only game ive ever played where raw time linearly maps to progression

and for that i love it as my brain disconnect game

the several second delay for it to reappear from minimized suggests its just garbage

lmfao leaving uplay launcher or even just friend list open on second monitor cuts my framerate nearly in half. probably cef requestAnimationFrame or some shit

i think im one of the few people that would be happy to see discord fall of the face of the earth.

with that said im goin to be on siege for a while

imagine if discord used all of that funding they got to correctly do multi region failover or.. god forbid more than one provider. wild concepts

why cant i sleep more than 2 hours argh my brain is fuzzy

i amst require to lay flat for extended periods of time in my old age

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