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shid tomorrow leap day hope something breaks

many of the models are bunch of junky looking fbx props and shit

game very very rough, the one new mechanic is pointless and all the maps are insanely bad , gunna be an underwhelming launch at best holy shit

egg gam 

landlord just took a picture of an email with a link in it and sent it to me ffs

wew lawd driving basically 5 LEDs (2 red, one multicolor) with 5 different PWM output compares is a mondo pain in the arse on PIC32 like everything else

now that i know the PIC32MZ2048EFM100 inside out i entertain the thought of adding a playstation translation layer to try running stuff, but its off a couple mips generations

big shoutout to mastodon converting a video into audio only wtf

im organized,,, gunna clean and pack all this shit up i think

luv too pay a billion dollars a month to live in a completely average place people think is cool for superficial reasons

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