Trying to eat my body weight in spaghetti

Aging myself a bit here but look at what i found in storage

Just made some ramen, smelled sorta weird so i looked and welp expiration date in 2013

Hehe im from Wyoming, this modified pole mountain sticker will do

*me on video call with porn streaming in background*

put every computer i own in the same room, where i work. this is a mistake

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This is awesome, the only reason i got into warsow is that qfusion wasa similar engine and actually readable source enhanced by a Russian turbo brain

Melting a babybel into shin black ramen is God tier

I have moved into new apt that is awesome but have been working nonstop and havent unpacked anything. Enough to piss off the pope

now accepting lewds and lewds accessories

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pizza lover pen

general server for everyone! But if u love pizza u are super welcome