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wish my clique was as cool as urs


half of media fails to update on this broken ass instance

reading these comments depressed me. are people really that addicted to constantly dicking with their phone?

you would think it would kill these rails dipshits to write something that is actually stable

deleting the cache folder and running tootctl accounts refresh causes the error on every piece of media. nice regression in mastodon!

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any mastodon admins ever run into this before? accounts and media paths that used to work fine are starting to blow up with this error. filehandles not at soft or hard limit, still got free inodes

jimmy johns delivery guy just asked me why i have such a big antenna on my car lmao

the horrendous shared busses and slow io were conveniently buried in official discussions too

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it was a shitty settop box focused soc with gpu and decoders and some core that they handwaved into a maker soc and it worked

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ok for real broadcom socs suck bad. its kinda amazing the shit people are putting up with using raspberry pi compute modules in industrial settings

just oven'd a 302 ball bga chip in wrong orientation happy fridey :thinking_unko:

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almost there's choices: mastodon

Pizza lovers large thin crust general server for everyone!