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eat my dust losers, have fun progressing when i dont login for the next 5 days

the phonetics in duolingo are more harmful than helpful

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aa sound of gentle rain in the faint sunlight is best ambience

korean is kicking my ass, not that i have any aptitude or experience for language learning but cyrillic was easy in comparison. well ignoring the cursive

darn i really miss people constantly posting animal crossing screenshots

ever drink water? that shit is wACK

hardware donations list pls boost for vis 

the ram timings are probably shit

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darn its hecking storming hard here

hardware donations list pls boost for vis 

ok i basically have two old computers:

- core i5 3760k, 16 GB ram, atx mobo
- ryzen 2200G* 32 GB ram, mini atx super cheap asrock mobo

old h80 block water cooler that probably leaks. uhh maybe one 500w power supply and other bits and ends

a couple 780 ti that will heat your room

* last i recall this processor is not stable, pretty sure its the hardware revision that causes crashes intermittently so be warned

im gunna be going through old hardware and posting it for donation soon

my power goes out at least once a week. the clocks are rip

'copy image' is copying a url to clipboard. thank you. 'copy image location' does same thing

struct gecko_msg_gatt_server_send_characteristic_notification_rsp_t* resp;

very cool api here

970 EVO Plus m2 nvme drives are finally pretty darn affordable

list of distros with good package management:

all the chip makers are buying each other

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