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i formatted a drive as mkfs.ntfs and moved stufd onto it which took a day; and welp windows doesn't recognize the partition as ntfs. i could manually extract files out after some surgery but i might just accept my 3tb loss

came here to link this and got distracted by poopoo dorks and forgot but anyway this is a good high level writeup about how SSDs work and is very interesting if youve ever saved anything on a computer before or r gay 4 bytes

just because i spend my free time keeping the "caps lock" page up to date doesnt mean i'm not fun to date

aweaglkhegkl;ha it is locked because i have a reverse DNS in aws and the only way to change those it is a support request

here's a cool mastodon thing, if you follow someone, unfollow them. they will stay in federated even with zero follow/ers , kinda problematic for drive bys

argh my upgraded service is actually 1000 / 35. id rather pay for 500/500 or something. and 1tb limit is rip

will be spending the day converting ext4 partitions to ntfs without data loss so i can switch to windows since linux is not stable on this hardware gg

ryzen5 keeps crashing on linux 5.0 whenever it gets under load aaaaaaaaaaaaa

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