2019 and outlook still cant get email notification getting stuck between clients right

i will pay someone to come over and kick me squarely in the back as hard as they can atm

just had something similar to this happen with a mcu sfr that is for some reason undefined at startup, looks to be silicon bug


oreilly online's interface is getting *really* bad. each update makes your own lists of books and content harder to find while they try to push curated content

so glad mastodon 3 made single column scroll more easily. was really annoying having to click inside

interesting media cache pruning pattern even on this fairly smally federated instance. i prune to last 7 days once a week and its working perfectly to keep s3 < $1 / m

api calls can add up doing this since it does it barbarically for each file so there is a tradeoff on bigger stuff

one of my favorite things is hitting back in a browser, amending a search query while the site is still loading and once it finishes it nukes my input. very nice

also what the fuck im covered in spider web where was this cheeky fuck

> restless after being awoken by stomach after 2 hrs of sleep
> finally give up and get up
> put in contacts
> go to computer
> insanely tired

wow WOW this guy repsonded to me on slack at midnight, big ty

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