how not to create a search engine in two simple images. note date doesnt find any recent articles

balena etcher is awesome if you like being fed ads while waiting for something to flash

why do these dipshits constantly change stupid shit back and forth

so discord just updated and both single and block quotes are forced to one line with a tiny scrollbar, EVEN ON DESKTOP

this is the most shitty thing you could possibly do, not to mention gg screen readers

oh come on i just started using this shit cuz it looked nice. should have known better. very tempted to roll my own for contracting

google made it impossible to sign out of a single account, you have to sign out of all logged in accounts at once, very cool dark pattern

ok this is seriously annoying. guy messages me asking if we should meet today. we agree to do our usual meeting.

then he doesnt show up. thank you

yes hello i need millions of dollars of funding to make a volume slider that doesnt work

there is a bug in spotify where it will sometimes show the volume at 100% but if you adjust it, its very clear it was in fact not 100% , usually at the cost of your eardrums. good software

web developers on mastodon be like 'im a ~~~ code witch ~~'

using pihole to determine when i fell asleep and woke up

i have a neighbor that turns on, revs and moves motorcycle back and forth for a minute about once an hour that ive mentioned and hes back at it now that its warm out

just begging for someone to ask him about that sick hog

i got it working

i also got aws device shadow callbacks working on a very constrained device and it was fucking hard the end

lmfao it happened and teh write breakpoint wasnt hit yeehaw i have no fucking clue what to do now

welp now that i have memory write breakpoints the bug wont happen :blob_derpy:

please repaint, im begging you

something is blasting half my system drivers LOL

this is a load-bearing post. boost it so that your TL doesn't collapse

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