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all sex havers will be banned from this instance

remote account media is being refreshed for all known accounts (about 66k) and it should finish in about 6 hours. assuming mastodon works. which it doesnt

but before i go, remember one thing: pizza rules

taking this stupid bullshit offline for a few to upgrade to the latest release (v3.2.0) because it fixes some obnoxious things

.pizza went down for just about an hour due to a provider hardware failure. they upgraded Xen and the machine bios at the opportunity but we will see..

I moved server to this provider in February which I've used for over a decade with zero issues until now

additionally uploading files that were like > 10MB has been fixed

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updated mastodon to v3.1.3

beware: while it said you can continue to use ruby < 2.6.6 i had issues until updating rbenv and installing it

done, v3.1.2 now. if it doesnt work make fun of people on github

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server will be going down in a bit for 10 minutes to upgrade to v3.1.2 now that obnoxious stuff is slightly fixed but dont hold your breath :rails:

dough sauce cheese toppings

put it on the pizza