all sex havers will be banned from this instance

remote account media is being refreshed for all known accounts (about 66k) and it should finish in about 6 hours. assuming mastodon works. which it doesnt

done. remote media is intentionally missing, some stuff may be blank for a lil while because mastodon is dogshit made by idiots.

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slamming the server doors shut momentarily to get some backups done and start the maintenance

hello carbiverse friends, server will be going down for maint tonight. a new IP will also be assigned so you may not be able to reach the site while your DNS catches up

stay saucy

! ACHTUNG ! the server upgrade and move will be taking place this morning. downtime will be a few minutes, but DNS record updating may take a few hours for some providers

OK pizza pals, as mentioned I am going to upgrade, and I asked beforehand, this will result in new IP.

Right now the server is in Chicago on Telia, but it's had a few maint and downtimes over the year so I am thinking of moving to INAP

DO YOU care where content is served from in the US? It's all really fast but here's your options

Actually ACHTUNG! I am going to be upgrading the machine at the provider and it may get moved to a new rack and get a new IP - requiring DNS changes. This may take a few hours to propagate across your DNS

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hello fello pizza fans. the instance will be down for a few for upgrades at 05:00 UTC (in 20 minutes)

but before i go, remember one thing: pizza rules

taking this stupid bullshit offline for a few to upgrade to the latest release (v3.2.0) because it fixes some obnoxious things

while I'm here I'll mention the signup spam has stopped so I will likely be re-opening registrations again.

It's worth nothing to other the same IPs that mass created users are also constantly trying to port scan and ssh knock. block ports and move ssh, the cpu adds up!

.pizza went down for just about an hour due to a provider hardware failure. they upgraded Xen and the machine bios at the opportunity but we will see..

I moved server to this provider in February which I've used for over a decade with zero issues until now

additionally uploading files that were like > 10MB has been fixed

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updated mastodon to v3.1.3

beware: while it said you can continue to use ruby < 2.6.6 i had issues until updating rbenv and installing it

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dough sauce cheese toppings

put it on the pizza