i wish mozilla wasnt so damn incompetent and actually had focus on making their browser good

its just depressing to see titles like this and know its only gonna get worse for em unless there's a big internal change


Firefox market share vs Mozilla Foundation chair salary for last year financials are available (2018)

to be clear i think theres lots of good people at mozilla doing cool shit, but the management and lack of direction, as well as wasting resources on garbage like pocket, mozfest, podcasts etc is absolutely hurting them more than they know seemingly

@a_cat #mozilla is in the position of being too big and vulnerable to actually fight for their users... but browser specs (and, necessarily, implementations) are so mindbogglingly complex that as a browser vendor one can't be *that* small in the first place

I'm not going to say this is the point of Google pushing web standards "forward" into more complexity, but this is a very convenient situation for Google

I think the only way to actually change this status quo would be for some relatively well-funded (5-20 fulltime devs) to approach browser development as the construction of adversarial tools for manipulating web page data, rather than the task of implementing web standards as specified, and they'd need all the technical leverage they could get... cannibalizing #servo could be a start

@a_cat Nobody is wasting time on Pocket: Mozilla bought it, team remains the same. Also, Firefox is > 3% market share.

This doesn’t invalidate the other (sad) informations.

@a_cat I'm assuming most of the people doing cool shit are in the set of 250 people they fired.
@dsfgs @a_cat I'm pretty sure the Firefox market share is multiple percent and the TorBrowser share below one percent.
(and I assume most Tor users use it exclusively through TorBrowser)

That's what we thought before we saw the above graph.

Unless the graph is purely a joke. You would think that the #CEO was being paid to completely destroy #Firefox.

@clacke @a_cat
Based on what #Mozilla have been doing recently with #Cloudflare #centralisation and #Google scripts that are buggier that a roach farm, we would not be surprised.

@dsfgs @a_cat Wait, hang on, I only looked at the lines, not the scales.

That can't be right.
@a_cat @dsfgs www.computerworld.com/article/…

> Even so, the forecast is far from sunny, as Firefox remained on a losing trend. Mozilla's browser will, by its 12-month average, droop below 7% in November, under 6% by next July.

@a_cat This is the most frightening thing I’ve seen about Mozilla this year.

@a_cat Hey, would you have a link to this document to share?

@trinukso @a_cat @ebrulato Kaj kion vi pensas? Ke la sola kauzo de la subfalo de Mozilla estas ĉar la ekonomia situacio?

Mi skribis, ke mi ne konsentas kun tiu vidpunkto.

Ekonomio jes havas sian parton, ankau stulta gvidado. Sed kial la situacio de Mozilla iĝis tiel, ke ĝi estas tiel facila rompita?

Mi pensas ke la interna komplekso de TTT-teknologioj havas sian grandan parton.

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