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if u ever feel stupid dont worry there's people out there who think the gta trilogy remasters look good

redditor and nintendo fan is a dangerous combination of stupid

i swear place names in this country are just like that to fuck around with and confuse non-english speakers.

so many coffee addicts in denial online

tried wendys

now i know why americans are so salty

by getting to 60 cans you get: 12 battle pass levels, 3 skins, a gun charm, 5 tiers of a badge and a spray. with a bonus drop of your heart stopping and u fucking dying for drinking 60 cans of monster energy drink.

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monster energy has an apex legends promotion, by redeeming up to SIXTY CANS you can get exclusive skins, badges and sprays.

titanfall players are dumb as rocks, shame cos the games fun

people on the internet will be agressively stupid for free

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dough sauce cheese toppings

put it on the pizza